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Case Study

Intep leaves no stone unturned for its municipal clients with Urbio

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The challenge

  • Inefficient process for gathering accurate data over a perimeter

  • Tedious combination of spreadsheets and GIS tools

  • Inadequate macro analysis makes it hard to deliver actionable solutions to implement now

Benefits achieved

  • 95% Reduction in time to collect building data and design first maps for the report

  • All-in-one platform allows dynamic calculation and synchronized visualization with modern and beautiful GIS maps

  • Accuracy guaranteed by relying on certified industry norms and enhanced through the use of ML and energy models

  • Traceability of 100% of adopted data sources used in the projects

  • Actionable solutions defined down to the building scale

  • Download the full case-study to discover how intep achieved 95% time reduction when conducting the municipal energy plan for a municipality of 1500 buildings.

Aerial Photo of a City
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