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Your questions answered

Which roofs of 500 m² are the most promising for solar PV?

Our customers accelerate the energy transition

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Our customers accelerate the energy transition

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Organize your geospatial data

We automatically centralize and merge dozens of data sources, for you. Access updated energy data from multiple open and commercial sources, machine learning, and easily complete it with your own trusted sources.

Urbio's urban energy planning software has a Data Factory that allows energy and spatial data onboarding. Upload and combine various data sources: free, open data, commercial data, statistical models, norms, custom data, and more.
Like a "Google Maps of Energy", Urbio's user-friendly Digital Twin let's you display thousands of buildings and freely create customized maps, and explore energy data. Filter buildings interactively.

Visualize and filter maps

Urbio democratizes geospatial features so your entire team can leverage the power of GIS. Save time and money by easily locating CO₂ hotspots for district heating, filter promising buildings for solar, or quantify market potentials in your territory.

Automate energy system design

Let artificial intelligence help you design optimized energy systems for your buildings or even entire cities. Create different scenarios, then compare and sort out the most relevant ones for your clients.

Generative Design automates energy system design. Create scenarios for district heating network layouts, solar photovoltaic PV, heat pumps, microgrids... Free your creativity!
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For Utilities

Upgrade your workflows with digitalization.

For Consultants

Execute your mandates faster and more in depth.

For Real Estate Companies

Analyze your portfolio and define your decarbonization strategy

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Urbio can easily replace 5 days of work by 5 minutes.

Philippe Corboz, Smart City Project Manager

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