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Automated energy system design

Utilities and consultants want the best solutions for their clients. But selecting the most appropriate technologies for thousands of buildings can be slow and time-consuming. 

With Urbio, we have reimagined energy system planning, allowing you to streamline and automate your workflow to save time and money.

“Urbio can easily replace 5 days of work by 5 minutes.”

​Philippe Corboz, Smart City Project Manager, Romande Energie

Plan and design the most efficient systems to heat, cool, and electrify buildings. In minutes. 
Fast, flexible and reliable

Urbio rapidly produces dozens of proposals for distributed and centralized energy systems. Simultaneously consider hundreds of criteria and parameters, discuss proposals with your clients, and revise your plans in minutes as you talk about their needs.

Empower your data

By combining geospatial data with sophisticated energy models, our software lets you take full advantage of multiple data sources in a single app. Digitizing your workflow has never been easier.

Top use cases

Urbio brings clarity and efficiency to complex projects. Explore our most requested use cases below.

Solar PV development

Promote clean technologies for buildings while leveraging synergies and sector coupling, from solar photovoltaic contracting to heat-pump sizing.

District heating design

Design and revise complex network layouts in minutes, and keep your technical and business plans up to date and in sync across your team.

Municipal energy planning

Help your clients in cities define their climate strategy, and identify with them the most efficient solutions and roadmap to reach their targets

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For Utilities

Upgrade your workflows with digitalization.

For Consultants

Execute your mandates faster and more in depth.

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