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District Heating Planning

CKW plans the most rewarding district heating networks

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CKW needed to know which areas to prioritize for a new district heating network (DHN) deployment. 
Today, this activity involves a lot of manual effort: collecting building attributes from spreadsheets, applying complex formulas for estimating demands and mapping this data to footprints in a GIS tool for visualization and prospection purposes.
With Urbio, the full process was automated, hours of work were saved, and the team could  focus on the exploration of scenarios with the support of maps and key metrics.








Download the full case-study to read how CKW accelerated 5x the time to spot district heating sites and improve their ROI.

You will receive the PDF within seconds to your email. 


I used Urbio for several district heating network projects in order to accelerate the development of our renewable activities. I am very happy with the results, in particular the screenshots and metrics which I showcased to our partners.

Rafael Mesey, Head of Department New Energy

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