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Urbio for Consultants 

3-in-1 energy planning software

Reliable. Intuitive. Fast.

Discover the key features that help you execute your mandates faster and more in depth.

Urbio product shot about data factory, data onboarding, geospatial data, energy data.

Data Factory

Data collection creator

Centralize in one place dozens of data sources - including your own files - to create personal or company-wide collections.

Data plausibilization

Check the completeness and accuracy of your project's data with dedicated map visualizations.

Benefit from our ML models to obtain deeper insights into building attributes.

Machine Learning

Include all buildings in a city, or buildings spread anywhere in your country.

Country-wide data

If you have a list of buildings with addresses, "drag-and-drop" it in Urbio to start exploring them in Urbio's map and calculate their performance.

Upload list of buildings

Export your data and results to SHP or Excel. Share it with colleagues and clients, or integrate it in your software workflow.

Data export

Animated Urbio product shot about the digital twin features, maps, interactive filters, heat density maps, color maps, layers.

Digital Twin

Key statistics

Easily display the key statistics about your perimeter. Combined with filters, dynamically update the values to a subset of buildings.

Building filters

From thousands of buildings, quickly filter the most promising ones based on your preferred criteria (roof size, building age, roof material...).

Explore your project with building-scale granularity: How much electricity demand? What system is installed? Who owns this asset?

Building details

Easily create insightful maps to understand trends and communicate about your project. 

Colored maps

Compile dynamic heat density maps to identify business or impact potentials.

Heat density maps

Create stunning visuals that provide an immersive view of your buildings' geometry.

3D immersion

Urbio product shot about generative design features, AI scenarios, comparison of KPIs, metrics, miniature maps, multi-criteria decisions, optimization, machine learning.

Generative Design

Solar PV

Pre-design rooftop solar systems, and evaluate financial and energy indicators. For one or thousands of buildings.

Heat pumps

Automate the design of heat pumps and discover carbon saving potentials, increased self-consumption of PV and more.

Identify network trajectories in areas with high heat density and determine financial viability of projects early on.

Heating network

Quantify the CO₂ impact of buildings - and assess the potential savings from renewable and efficiency measures.

Carbon emissions

Calculate the IRR for your projects to determine your next priority investments.

Internal rate of return

Evaluate how much solar power can be consumed locally, with an hourly time resolution.


Take fact-based decisions by comparing scenarios according to dozens of criteria.

Multi-criteria decisions

Urbio's potential to combine energy models with geospatial data is of great benefit to many projects.

Laure Deschaintre, Renewable Energy Project Manager


We've got your back.

Our support team ensures your success, from onboarding to daily use.

Custom training

We personally train your team to get up and running in 3 short sessions.

User docs

No black-box here: find all sources and model assumptions in clear docs.

Live chat

Reach our support team in 2 clicks, get a same-day response!

Online software

As a web platform, no installation is required, and you get direct access to updates.

Multiple languages

View the app and docs in German, French or English.

Monthly features

Every month, discover exciting new features directly in your inbox.

Discover how STEEN Sustainable Energy is using Urbio for municipal energy planning.

Urbio product shot showing urban area, buildings, solar potential analysis, decentralized energy systems, lead generation, prospecting.
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