Oversee all of your projects

Retrieve all of your ongoing and past projects with a clear overview of territorial coverage. Foster synergies between projects and teams, and track the progress of your company's activities, goals and impact.

Locate high-potential energy activities

Rely on a wide range of data sources available in Urbio - and complete it with your own data. Gain unprecedented territorial and building-level insights, such as promising roof tops for solar, or potential hotspots for district heating.

Plan and design energy systems faster

Discover a new way to design energy infrastructure that saves you hours of work. Create customized techno-financial analyses for each scenario and sort out the most relevant ones for your clients.

Streamline collaboration

Adopt more agile practices by sharing your proposals with colleagues and even involve your clients. Quickly revise your early-stage planning project based on new inputs. Avoid time-consuming iterations between departments thanks to collaborative projects and in-app messaging. Improve company know-how with always up-to-date data, figures and reports.

Urbio for Utilities

Your one-stop solution for energy planning

Increase customer confidence

Export clear and customized reports to show to your customers. Easily communicate the reasoning behind each design, and how it benefits them. Export results to PDF, CSV and SHP, and keep monitoring your company’s objectives.

The Urbio team perfectly understood the challenges of energy providers. They effectively leverage know-how, intelligence and software solutions to help us find the most relevant energy choices for our clients, and guide them in the energy transition.

Karim Khemiri, Smart City Solutions Manager


Discover how Romande Energie is using Urbio for solar development in our case study. 

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