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Solar PV prospection

Romande Energie wins the race to high-value, high-impact buildings for solar with Urbio

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The solar team at Romande Energie needed to know which buildings to contact in priority for solar contracting in new regions in Switzerland.
Today, this activity involves a lot of manual effort: collecting building attributes from spreadsheets, measuring roof areas on Google Maps, guessing roof material from photos, etc. 
With Urbio, the full process was automated, hours of work were saved, and the team could  focus on the best deals.

Download the full case-study to read how Romande Energie achieved 95% time reduction and improved customer response rates by 10%.

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Romande Energie






Listen to Martial Génolet, Solar Biz Dev Manager at Romande Energie, present the use case live at Eurelectric 2023 in Paris!


We have 100’000 rooftops to analyze in our area, and 2 million more in Switzerland. Where do we start?

Martial Génolet, Solar Business Development Manager at Romande Energie

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